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                                                                14.0" LED IPS FHD DISPLAY SCREEN PANEL MATTE AG LIKE BOE NV140FHM-N63

                                                                Part-Number: NV140FHM-N63,01YN155,NE140FHM-N61,0189YJ,n140hca-eac,L13834-001


                                                                AED 450.00
                                                                AU OPTRONICS B156XTK01 V.0 FOR HP LAPTOP LED LCD Screen B156XTK01.0 15.6 WXGA HD

                                                                Part-Number: B156XTK01 V.0,B156XTK01.0,732080-001


                                                                AED 350.00
                                                                B140HAK02.2 LP140WF5-SPM1 14.0" Full HD LED LCD Touch screen

                                                                Part-Number: B140HAK02.2 ,LP140WF5-SPM1

                                                                Manufacturer: Genaral

                                                                AED 380.00
                                                                B140XTN02.E LCD Screen Glossy HD 1366x768 Display 14 in

                                                                Part-Number: 0KFC4D,B140XTN02.E

                                                                Manufacturer: Dell

                                                                AED 280.00
                                                                B140XW03 V.0 14.0" WXGA HD SLIM Screen LCD LEDB140XW03 V.0 14.0" WXGA HD SLIM Screen LCD LED

                                                                Part-Number: B140XW03 V.0

                                                                Manufacturer: Genaral

                                                                AED 350.00
                                                                B156HTN03.8 fit B156HTN03.4 B156HTN03.5 B156HTN03.6 B156HTN03.7 N156HGE-EA1 EAB-15.6" FHD SCREEN

                                                                Part-Number: B156HTN03.8 ,B156HTN03.4 ,B156HTN03.5 ,B156HTN03.6 ,B156HTN03.7 ,N156HGE-EA1

                                                                Manufacturer: Genaral

                                                                AED 350.00
                                                                C13 POWER CABLE UK

                                                                Part-Number: C13 POWER CABLE

                                                                Manufacturer: Genaral

                                                                AED 15.00
                                                                C13 to C14 Power Cable Computer to PDU Power Extension CordC13 to C14 Power Cable Computer to PDU Power Extension Cord

                                                                Part-Number: C13 - C14

                                                                Manufacturer: Genaral

                                                                AED 35.00 AED 25.00
                                                                Display LM215WF9-SSB1 21.5 inch 1920(RGB)×1080-(FHD)LCD Display For Lenovo 510S 520S 510-23ASR LCD LM230WF7 (SS) (C1)

                                                                Part-Number: LM215WF9-SSB1,LM215WF9-(SS)(B1)

                                                                Manufacturer: General

                                                                AED 1,380.00
                                                                DOCKING TYPE C TRAVEL 1 X 4K ++DOCKING TYPE C TRAVEL 1 X 4K ++

                                                                Part-Number: 901906


                                                                AED 320.00
                                                                DP V1.2 Cable

                                                                Part-Number: DP V1.2 Cable


                                                                AED 30.00
                                                                1 2 3