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                                                    Product Writable Format

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                                                      00HN005 "Lenovo ThinkPad Keyboard (Black)00HN005 "Lenovo ThinkPad Keyboard (Black)

                                                      Part-Number: 00HN005

                                                      Manufacturer: Lenovo

                                                      AED 225.00
                                                      01LV512 for Lenovo Thinkpad X280 L380 Yoga Touchpad Clickpad Trackpad01LV512 for Lenovo Thinkpad X280 L380 Yoga Touchpad Clickpad Trackpad

                                                      Part-Number: 01LV579, 01LV578, 01LV580,01LV512

                                                      Manufacturer: Lenovo

                                                      AED 120.00
                                                      0D81K5 AM1QB000400 For Dell Alienware 17 R4 Laptop Bottom Cover Frame

                                                      Part-Number: D81K5 ,0D81K5 ,AM1QB000400

                                                      Manufacturer: Dell

                                                      AED 220.00
                                                      0WGP57 Dell Speaker I7300-5395SLV-PUS0WGP57 Dell Speaker I7300-5395SLV-PUS

                                                      Part-Number: 0WGP57

                                                      Manufacturer: Dell

                                                      AED 95.00
                                                      14.0" B140XTN02.E fit B140XTN02.A/D/4 N140BGE-EA3 LP140WH8 TPC1 30PIN LCD Screen

                                                      Part-Number: B140XTN02.E, B140XTN02.A ,N140BGE-EA3 ,LP140WH8

                                                      Manufacturer: Universal

                                                      AED 350.00
                                                      14.0" IPS FHD DISPLAY SCREEN PANEL LP140WFA(SP)(MA)

                                                      Part-Number: LP140WFA(SP)(MA)

                                                      Manufacturer: Universal

                                                      AED 440.00
                                                      14.0" LED IPS FHD DISPLAY SCREEN PANEL MATTE AG LIKE BOE NV140FHM-N63

                                                      Part-Number: NV140FHM-N63,01YN155,NE140FHM-N61,0189YJ,n140hca-eac,L13834-001


                                                      AED 450.00
                                                      14" FHD( 1920 x 1080) IPS LED LCD Screen Display Panel N140HCA-EAE 30-PIN14" FHD( 1920 x 1080) IPS LED LCD Screen Display Panel N140HCA-EAE 30-PIN

                                                      Part-Number: N140HCA-EAE,5D10W87246,SD10W87243

                                                      Manufacturer: Universal

                                                      AED 425.00
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