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ProXtend PCIe 2S1P Serial & Parallel Card PN: PX-SP-55011

AED 160.00

ProXtend PCIe Serial Parallel Cards offer 100% compatibility with all major vendors, delivering performance and functionality for the most demanding server and desktop applications.
The ProXtend PX-SP-55011 PCIe Serial & Parallel Card is a single chip solution that fully integrates the PCIe 2.0 Gen 1 end-point controller. The card has two serial ports and one parallel port which can easily be expanded to more devices. The Serial port supports the RS-232 protocol, hardware, and software flow control with transmission rates of up to 115100 bps. The Parallel port is a bidirectional extension of the existing PC parallel interface.
•PCIe 2.0, Gen 1
•PCI Power management 1.2

Output interface O

product features

Manual: True utput interface

NVMe: False

Cables included: pa

Output interface: Serial

Manual: True


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